You vote for San Juan Water District board members if you live in

  1. Citrus Heights
  2. Fair Oaks
  3. Orangevale
  4. East Roseville
  5. Granite Bay
  6. City of Folsom (North of American River)
*Most accurate on a mobile device with GPS

Mike McRae

Portrait Image of Mike McRae Mike McRae has raised his family and lived in Fair Oaks for over 24 years. Mike has served on the Fair Oaks Water Board since 2012, and was Board President in 2014 & 2019. Mike (and other Fair Oaks Board members & Management) have taken the Fair Oaks Water District to zero-debt and some of the lowest water rates in the region! Mike was a vocal opponent to the first Sac Suburban merger attempt back in 2015, and is ready to defend our interests again. Mike is an Electrical Engineer for a local utility and understands how a services district should be run.

Vote Mike McRae to FIX San Juan Water District!

Mitch Dion

Portrait Image of Mitch Dion Mitch Dion was raised on San Juan Water, he grew up in the district, graduated from San Juan High and served in the USMC for 32 years (active & reserves). As the Utility Manager for the City of Woodland and as General Manager of several agencies throughout California including both public and private sector enterprises, Mitch has served in leadership roles in the region and on statewide policy initiatives. He demonstrated his conservative fiscal perspective challenging big water interests in published OpEds exposing irresponsible initiatives & bond issues. Mitch and his wife Peri, returned home to enjoy our unique quality of life along the American River.

Vote Mitch Dion to FIX San Juan Water District!

Objective 1: Equal Representation

San Juan Water District covers a large portion of Sacramento County, and a small portion of Placer County (Granite Bay Area). However, 4 of the 5 San Juan Board members live in Granite Bay. Granite Bay only makes up 13% of San Juan’s population, but they have controlled our water district for many years. They force unfair water contracts on Sac-county residents; they borrow money and put us in debt, and continually raise our wholesale (and retail) water rates. They are naturally biased towards Granite Bay and approve projects that primarily benefit them, but all San Juan residents (us) must pay for them. This is not right! Mitch & Mike are the only candidates who do not live in Granite Bay. Help us FIX San Juan. Vote Mitch & Mike for equal representation!

Objective 2: Manage The Merger

The San-Juan Board is again pushing an outside merger with the Sac-Suburban-Water-District. This is a big threat to any San-Juan resident. Sac-Suburban needs to pay off approximately $100M of debt, has a need for (our) water treatment facilities, and would like more secure (our) water rights. If merged, Sac Suburban would become the dominant voting population within San Juan. There is a risk of being out voted and losing control of our water district, of spreading our water rights way too thin, and a threat of complicated water contracts to pay off Sac Suburban debt. Help us protect our water rights, our wallets, our water treatment facilities, and our voting strength. Vote Mitch & Mike to manage the merger.